100 Bow Technician School

100 Bow Technician School

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Please Note: This is for our standard 3 day class (Add On Options Available, Please Inquire)

Now Taking Registrations for:

 Fall of 2022: (Open Enrollment)

 * Please Note, we have finished our Winter and Spring Sessions for 2022 (We do not host classes in the summer). You may reserve a Fall session or inquire about one of our privately scheduled classes * 


Thanks for your interest in Fulcrum's Bow Technician School! Since 2015, Fulcrum's served as a premier global training center with clients traveling as far away as Ireland and Alaska. With clients ranging from hobby enthusiasts to pro shop owners and employees, we have you covered! Fulcrum's worked with large National level clients like Cabela's and D&B Supply to the small mom and pop pro shop by offering both large and small format sessions. Starting in 2022, Fulcrum's been serving as dealer school for several bow manufacturers in the industry. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

  • What? Fulcrum Bow Technician School - Setup,  Tuning  & Maintenance 
  • When? Fall of 2022 (Note - Register early, we typically sell out over a month in advance due to the limited seating)
  • Where? Corsicana, Tx (Details Forwarded After Registration)

 A class for everyone! This class historically has been composed of approximately 70% Pro Shop employees/owners in training, 15% hobby enthusiasts, and 15% archer's who live in rural areas that want to be self sufficient. Come join us for 4 days of hands on training that teaches complete bow maintenance, tuning techniques, and setup (including assembly from scratch). 

  • Advanced Certification (if purchased and passed) available for those in attendance that have demonstrated superior knowledge (by passing an exam) on Bow Tuning & Setup.
  • Seminars are NONREFUNDABLE as you are committing to a day/time and reserving one of the few seats available. In the event you cannot attend, we will do our best to accommodate you in a future session


Additional Details:

  • A 3 day Beginner to Expert class using a multi format approach of lecture and demonstration followed by evaluation and repetition.  It's taught from the ground up so no prior experience is needed. 
  • Items Supplied: We supply all tools and items needed for the class. 


Example Topics Include (Not Limited To):


Proper Draw Length
Draw length & Sight Picture
Understanding Axle to Axle
Understanding Brace Height & The Power Curve
Maximizing Peak Weight, Mass Weight, Holding Weight
Mass Weight & Holding Weight in Reference to Inertia
Manipulating Weight to Improve Sight Picture
How Draw Weight and Holding Weight effect bow Stabilization
Stabilizer Selection & Setup
Rest Selection & Installation (Understanding types, Pros/Cons)
Sight Selection & Installation
Understanding Apertures, Clarifiers and Verifiers
Proper Sight Setup
Understanding & Using Various Release Types
Basic Arrow Selection (Spine / GPI)
Arrow Selection (3D versus Indoor versus Field)
Sighting In A Bow / Installing a Sight
Helical vs Offset & When
Glue Types - What & When

How to Press a Bow
String Replacements
Tying in a Peep
Tying in a D-Loop
Adjusting Draw Length (using strings and cables)
Adjusting Draw Weight (using strings and cables)
Adjusting Draw Weight (using strings and cables)
Cam Timing
Cam Synchronization
Overlocking Your Bow For More Speed
Vertical Nock Point
Proper Rest Setup
Arrow Building

Understanding Cam Profiles & Power Curves
Working with and understand differences between Binary, Hybrid, Dual and Solo Cam bows.
Bridging the Gap Between Yesterday's Bows & Today
Understanding Strings
String Tuning
Advanced Arrow Building (Spine + FOC, Trajectory, Speed)
Spine Indexing Arrows
Arrow Clocking
Paper Tuning
Advanced Paper Tuning
Spine Manipulation
Walk Back Tuning
Modified French Tuning
Yolk Tuning
Torque Tuning
Group Tuning Arrows
Bareshaft Tuning
Broadhead Tuning
Breaking down the bow (Limb, Cable, String replacement)
Complete Bow Setup & Tune from start to finish

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  • 5
    Bow Maintenance Class

    Posted by Jennifer Cottingham on Mar 21st 2022

    This class was fantastic! Lots of information with tons of hands on. Perfect for the archer who has never maintenanced a bow but wants to learn how in order to maintenance their bow or open their own shop. This class will give you the skills you need to repair and tune bows upon completion. Class provides access to the different types of bows so that you get tinker time on them all. Can't wait to take the String and Master Classes. Thank you for allowing me to become part of the Fulcrum Family! Ace and B

  • 5
    Bow Tech School

    Posted by Steve Anderson on Nov 15th 2021

    Took the glass this past October and was please with the amount of information Troy had to pass along. The class was well thought out and had hands on breakout sessions spread throughout the course to keep everyone engaged. Will be going back again to catch the day 4 session and re-visit some of the different techniques after gaining some more hands -on experience . Troy and his co-instructors were very helpful and available for all questions relating to archery and the industry.

  • 5
    Bow Technician School

    Posted by Clay Wilson on Oct 25th 2021

    This school was an excellent investment. During the school you learn a ton of information and everything is very hands on. The school is good for professionals, beginners, or anyone looking to further their knowledge of archery. After completion of the course you will have the confidence to go home and get to work on anything and everything. The awesome thing is that they don’t just leave you high and dry after the school is over, everyone is great at continuing to help long after the class is over. Troy Albert has a team of very professional and down to earth people that will help get you started in the right direction. Look forward to a lifelong relationship.

  • 5
    Fulcrum technician school

    Posted by Kee earley on Oct 25th 2021

    I recently took this class I showed up as a know it all and left very humbled about my knowledge Troy is absolutely a pro his wife is a sweet little lady too they were very welcoming and I really enjoyed his class and learned alot he goes indepth and makes sure you understand the material I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to open a pro shop or just working on your own equipment I can't say enough how knowledgeable Troy is if you're a know it all like me or a YouTube aficionado be prepared to be humbled .

  • 5
    Technician school

    Posted by Chase Strother on Oct 24th 2021

    This was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, the school was so helpful and so was the instructor. Not only do you learn a ton of information you also gain a huge contact with fulcrum. Can’t wait for the next program

  • 5
    Everything I expected and more

    Posted by Joe on Jul 13th 2021

    The class was everything I expected it to be. I am an entry level bow tech at my local shop. This class taught me the skills to be a competent and confident bow mechanic and it also gave my shop owner confidence that I knew what I was doing and I could be given some more autonomy.
    What I wasn’t expecting was how accommodating the instructors would be. He was literally in the middle of packing up his house to move but still made sure that the other students and I got amazing teaching and knowledge.

  • 5
    100 Bow Technician School

    Posted by David Testa on Jul 12th 2021

    Outstanding school. The instructor was very knowledgeable. The class was hands on which for me created the best learning environment. Troy made sure we understood the material before moving forward and made it clear he was willing to stay and do what was needed for us to be successful. I highly recommend this school and cant wait to attend advanced schools at Fulcrum in the future.

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