500  - Crafting Traditions: The Art and Science of Bow String Making

500 - Crafting Traditions: The Art and Science of Bow String Making

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Need Help On Which Class Is Right For You? A variety of Class Options are available to our clients:

100 Class - Open Enrollment: Hosted by Fulcrum (Texas Location) - Our traditional 100/300 Class (offered in 2 parts or as a combo). These open sessions are available throughout the year to the public and available for anyone to attend. 

200 Class - On Demand (Texas Location): Same as the 100 above without the wait or availability of an Open Enrollment Class. A private class scheduled on demand to fit your time frame! Please note, 2 seat minimum required. 

300 Class - Open Enrollment: Hosted by Fulcrum (Texas Location) - The continuing Master Class (Part 2) after taking the 100 Class above. Please note, the 100 level class is a prerequisite to the 300 class. (maybe taken at the same time)

400 Class - On Demand (Client Location): The complete 5 day (100/300 Combo Class) hosted at your location! A more cost effective solution (than sending everyone to us) intended for larger groups of 4 or more. Call for pricing!

500 Class - Open Enrollment: Hosted by Fulcrum (Texas Location): Crafting Traditions: The Art and Science of Bow String Making. Designed for the true Artisan! Learn quality string making from the ground up through various techniques and styles.



Trusted By Archery Manufacturers Around The Country! Since 2015, Fulcrum's served as a premier global training center with clients traveling as far away as Australia! Clients range from hobby enthusiasts and pro shop owners/employees to university & national teams. We've also serve as a dealer training school for several bow manufacturers in the industry.

A comprehensive technician class designed from the ground up. Instead of watching online videos and/or a short class that over simplifies the industry; we focus on detail that can only be taught through extensive hands on & lengthy training. Our curriculum teaches all major brands and models, ensuring that our clients understand the technical differences behind the sticker (the brand). You learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about all manufactures! Rather, the pro's, con's, tradeoff's, and considerations that should be taken in to account. Additionally, understanding of how manufactures continuously update their product line ups with newer innovation & technology, altering the way one might approach a given model depending on what year it was designed. 

This class historically has been composed of approximately 60% Pro Shop employees/owners in training, 20% hobby enthusiasts, and 20% archer's who live in rural areas that want to be self sufficient. Come join us for 3-5 days of hands on training that teaches the true science behind bow designs. Core chapters also include complete bow setup, maintenance, and tuning (including assembly from scratch). 



Open Enrollment 500-Crafting Traditions: The Art and Science of Bow String Making

This is our standard 2 day Elective Course, designed to be taken after completion of the 100/300 Bow Technician Core Curriculum Series. 

  • **SOLD OUT Through 7/23, Next Class TBD** (Pre-Registration Available)
  • Where: 318 E. 3rd Ave Corsicana, TX 75110  (1 Hour from all Dallas Airports)


Additional Details:

  • Certification (if purchased and passed) available for those in attendance that have demonstrated superior knowledge on all topics 
  • It's highly recommended (and in some cases required) that students have completed at least the 100 Bow Technician Class prior to attending this class. 
  • Seminars are NONREFUNDABLE as you are committing to a day/time and reserving one of the few seats available. In the event you cannot attend, we will do our best to accommodate you in a future session



  • Proficiency Test
  • 60 Minute Written Test
  • 70% Pass Rate; Graduates Receive Recognition Plaque
  • 3 Month Post Graduate Support, exclusive admission to the Fulcrum Archery Alumni Forum Community.  We recognize that when class is over you'll still have questions and need troubleshooting help. We provide continued support through (Phone/Email/Private Videos/Community).


Example Topics Include (Not Limited To): 

The Ugly Truth 

  • Breaking Down the Industry 
  • Industry Trends
  • Pre Stretch vs Pre Cycled vs Precision Build
  • Process Specific Engineering (Custom Design Functionality)

Behind The Math

  • Design & Manufacturing
  • Putting it to Work
  • Formulas & Variables
  • Cost Formulas & The Math Behind The Process
  • Do's and Don'ts

Architecture & Design - The Building Process

  • Yesterday vs Today vs Tomorrow
  • Tools of The Trade
  • Serving Diameter Selections
  • Bundle Consistency
  • Material Selection
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Performance Characteristics
  • Jig Selection
  • Jig Setup & Overview
  • Mastering the Build Process
  • String & Cable Types 

Customizing Builds For Different Characteristics

  • Speed Designs 
  • Stability 
  • Durability 
  • Driving for Stealth - Decibel Levels



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