Team Fulcrum

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Here at Fulcrum, we like to do things differently! Our Team Program is no different. Unlike traditional "Promotional or Pro" Staff programs, Team Fulcrum focuses beyond the individual. At Fulcrum, we encourage team camaraderie and the desire to be part of something beyond one’s self; making Fulcrum something you want to be part of. We host social gatherings year-round and provide a private team Facebook group to encourage team building when off the range.

Our Key Principles:

  • Passion: The core component and key ingredient!
  • Team: It's not all about you, let's enjoy this journey together!
  • Community: Spread the message! Archery is here and it's a sport for everyone.

Our Team season runs from October 1st of the current year to September 31st of the following year. Team Fulcrum supports all age groups as well as having shooters in virtually all archery disciplines. While the Team is available to anyone regardless of location, those local to Dallas Texas are welcome to come out and practice with us during season. 

At Fulcrum, you can shoot the brands you want that allow you to be confident behind the bow. Unlike other programs however, wearing our Jersey is paramount. Signing up for Fulcrum Archery is a commitment to the Team.  

With almost 40 shooters Nationwide you're sure to bump in to us somewhere. Be sure and say hi! Meet our 2020 Team Fulcrum Below. (Pictures Being Added)

Team Fulcrum

  • Glenn Tucker
  • Marie Brown
  • Riley Marx
  • Liz Hainey
  • Dan Course
  • Trey Coats
  • Gabriella Luo
  • Larry Ward
  • Larry Wyrick
  • Dorothy Cobb
  • Dusty Arrington
  • Curtis Maples
  • Marty Chambers
  • Stan Coats
  • Marceodae Matthews
  • Larry Wyrick
  • Elton Dumas
  • Hailey Wilson