100 Bow Technician Class - Open Enrollment

100 Bow Technician Class - Open Enrollment

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Need Help On Which Class Is Right For You? A variety of Class Options are available to our clients:

100 Class - Open Enrollment: Hosted by Fulcrum (Texas Location) - Our traditional 100/300 Class (offered in 2 parts or as a combo). These open sessions are available throughout the year to the public and available for anyone to attend. 

200 Class - On Demand (Texas Location): Same as the 100 above without the wait or availability of an Open Enrollment Class. A private class scheduled on demand to fit your time frame! Please note, 2 seat minimum required. 

300 Class - Open Enrollment: Hosted by Fulcrum (Texas Location) - The continuing Master Class (Part 2) after taking the 100 Class above. Please note, the 100 level class is a prerequisite to the 300 class. (maybe taken at the same time)

400 Class - On Demand (Client Location): The complete 5 day (100/300 Combo Class) hosted at your location! A more cost effective solution (than sending everyone to us) intended for larger groups of 4 or more. Call for pricing!

500 Class - Open Enrollment: Hosted by Fulcrum (Texas Location): Crafting Traditions: The Art and Science of Bow String Making. Designed for the true Artisan! Learn quality string making from the ground up through various techniques and styles.



Trusted By Archery Manufacturers Around The Country! Since 2015, Fulcrum's served as a premier global training center with clients traveling as far away as Australia! Clients range from hobby enthusiasts and pro shop owners/employees to university & national teams. We've also serve as a dealer training school for several bow manufacturers in the industry.

A comprehensive technician class designed from the ground up. Instead of watching online videos and/or a short class that over simplifies the industry; we focus on detail that can only be taught through extensive hands on & lengthy training. Our curriculum teaches all major brands and models, ensuring that our clients understand the technical differences behind the sticker (the brand). You learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about all manufactures! Rather, the pro's, con's, tradeoff's, and considerations that should be taken in to account. Additionally, understanding of how manufactures continuously update their product line ups with newer innovation & technology, altering the way one might approach a given model depending on what year it was designed. 

This class historically has been composed of approximately 60% Pro Shop employees/owners in training, 20% hobby enthusiasts, and 20% archer's who live in rural areas that want to be self sufficient. Come join us for 3-5 days of hands on training that teaches the true science behind bow designs. Core chapters also include complete bow setup, maintenance, and tuning (including assembly from scratch). 



Open Enrollment Core 100/300 Bow Technician Classes! This is our standard 3 day Core Class, also available as a 5 day class if taken in conjunction with the 300 Master Class (recommended). 

  • Friday, June 7th - Sunday, June 9th (3 Total Class Days)
  • Master Class Add on: Monday & Tuesday - June 10th & 11th (5 Total Class Days)
  • Where: 318 E. 3rd Ave Corsicana, TX 75110  (1 Hour from all Dallas Airports)


Additional Details:

  • Certification (if purchased and passed) available for those in attendance that have demonstrated superior knowledge on all topics 
  • Master Class Add On (as well as other classes) Available and can be taken in conjunction with this class 
  • Seminars are NONREFUNDABLE as you are committing to a day/time and reserving one of the few seats available. In the event you cannot attend, we will do our best to accommodate you in a future session



  • 2 Hour Hands on Proficiency Test
  • 60 Minute Written Test
  • 70% Pass Rate; Graduates Receive Recognition Plaque
  • 3 Month Post Graduate Support - We recognize that when class is over you'll still have questions and need troubleshooting help. We provide continued support through (Phone/Email/Private Videos).


Example Topics Include (Not Limited To): 

Proper Draw Length
Draw length & Sight Picture
Understanding Axle to Axle
Understanding Brace Height & The Power Curve
Maximizing Peak Weight, Mass Weight, Holding Weight
Mass Weight & Holding Weight in Reference to Inertia
Manipulating Weight to Improve Sight Picture
How Draw Weight and Holding Weight effect bow Stabilization
Stabilizer Selection & Setup
Rest Selection & Installation (Understanding types, Pros/Cons)
Sight Selection & Installation
Understanding Apertures, Clarifiers and Verifiers
Proper Sight Setup
Understanding & Using Various Release Types
Basic Arrow Selection (Spine / GPI)
Arrow Selection (3D versus Indoor versus Field)
Sighting In A Bow / Installing a Sight
Helical vs Offset & When
Glue Types - What & When

How to Press a Bow
String Replacements
Tying in a Peep
Tying in a D-Loop
Adjusting Draw Length (using strings and cables)
Adjusting Draw Weight (using strings and cables)
Adjusting Draw Weight (using strings and cables)
Cam Timing
Cam Synchronization
Overlocking Your Bow For More Speed
Vertical Nock Point
Center Shot
Proper Rest Setup
Arrow Building

Understanding Cam Profiles & Power Curves
Working with and understand differences between Binary, Hybrid, Dual and Solo Cam bows.
Bridging the Gap Between Yesterday's Bows & Today
Understanding Strings
String Tuning
Advanced Arrow Building (Spine + FOC, Trajectory, Speed)
Spine Indexing Arrows
Arrow Clocking
Paper Tuning
Advanced Paper Tuning
Spine Manipulation
Walk Back Tuning
Modified French Tuning
Yolk Tuning
Torque Tuning
Group Tuning Arrows
Bareshaft Tuning
Broadhead Tuning
Breaking down the bow (Limb, Cable, String replacement)
Complete Bow Setup & Tune from start to finish

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  • 5
    A Bullseye in Archery Education

    Posted by John Wickline on Mar 16th 2024

    As a new business owner looking to offer archery services, this training course provided me with the essential skills and confidence to maintain and repair bows for my customers. The knowledge gained from the course has not only improved the quality of service I can provide, but has also given me a competitive edge in the industry.

    The hands-on experience and expert guidance Troy Albert provided during the training has equipped me with the expertise needed to troubleshoot and address technical issues efficiently. This course has not only broadened my understanding of bow mechanics but has also empowered me to offer a higher level of customer satisfaction.

    In conclusion, this course was a transformative and invaluable experience that has significantly improved my abilities as an archery business owner. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in this field, and I am excited to implement what I have learned to enhance my business operations. I highly recommend Troy Albert and his course to anyone seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise as an archery technician or business owner.

  • 5
    Bow Technician

    Posted by Brandon Belanger on Feb 21st 2024

    If you’re looking to take your archery knowledge to the next level and beyond, this is the class for you. As a very green person in the archery world, I couldn’t imagine learning what I learned at Fulcrum Archery. There is no place like it in the world! The combo of Troy’s knowledge and top notch facility is simply the best! If you’re even considering this course with any level of experience in the archery world, just do it you will be glad you did. I would fly half way across the country again in a heartbeat to take the class. So thankful I attended this course and the Masterclass!

  • 5
    Technician School

    Posted by Stephen I. on Nov 16th 2023

    Undeniably the best Archery Technician School in the world. The facility is top notch offering students hands on experience with the full range of equipment and tools in the market. Course instructors possess a strong depth of knowledge across the full spectrum of archery topics. The course offers a lecture/lab structure which informs students, challenges them with a variety of realistic scenario's for bow owners or pro shops, and enhances their skill level regardless of experience level. Great course for beginners or veterans. You will leave the course with a much greater understanding and appreciation for the history, design, technical, and industry aspects of archery. Thanks to Troy and the Fulcrum Team!!!

  • 5
    Archery Technician Course

    Posted by Thomas on Jun 21st 2023

    To be the best, this is the place to learn from the best. Excellent course and I highly recommend it

  • 5
    Tech School

    Posted by Ryan G. on Apr 3rd 2023

    I recently attended the Fulcrum Archery Bow Technician School as well as the Master Class. Troy was an amazing teacher and coming from someone who thought he knew a lot already about archery I learned more than I could have ever imagined. I now have the confidence and the tools to work on my own equipment. After leaving the classes I tuned my own bow and it is shooting better than I have ever seen. EVERY SERIOUS ARCHER NEEDS TO TAKE THESE CLASSES!!!

  • 5
    100 & 300 Bow Tech Class.

    Posted by Pete Combs on Mar 30th 2023

    The 100 series bow tech class is a must for anyone that is serious about compound bow archery, competitive archers, COACHES, and self reliant hunters, or anyone getting into the bow tech service industry. This class will blow your mind with what you thought you knew and what you didn’t know. You may leave the class frustrated because you may realize what crappie bow tech work you’ve been paying for!

    The 300 Series class is a must for bow techs and any self reliant archers with sufficient understanding of the material in the 100 series bow tech class and want to be able to get the best performance out of the bows. Again, lots of info that you probably won’t find on YouTube.

  • 5
    Bow Tuning 100

    Posted by Theodore Garbera on Oct 3rd 2022

    I wasn't sure what to expect, even after the detailed explanation on the web page. Considering this looked like the only game in town as far as an in depth technician school I came in with a very open mind, and honestly medium expectations.
    This class was fantastic. I feel like I have a PhD in archery now. I don't think there is an aspect of archery that I am not at least familiarized with, and in most cases I would feel very knowledgeable. I am ready to both tune, and repair any bow someone brings to me, all I need now is experience, which cannot be taught.

  • 4
    Bow tech school

    Posted by David McCoy on Oct 3rd 2022

    One thing I can say is that instructor does not teach how to put a kisser button or nose button on, and we sell those to at least 85% of our customers. That's the only complaint I had.

  • 5
    100 Bow technician school

    Posted by Wade Ross (Utah) on Sep 28th 2022

    This is a must do class for anyone wanting to work on bows. I have tried a few pro shops and wasn’t happy with the results so I bought some equipment and started working on my own bows. Using YouTube and anything I could to tune my bow only to find out there’s a lot of info out there for the easy road and just do this.

    I kept thinking there has to be a better way. I started looking for training and really this is the only school that fit what I was looking for. I singed up and after the first 4 hours I realized this is exactly what I was looking for! Instructor is very knowledgeable and straight to the point. He can challenge any student that is excelling and turn and help any that are struggling so no matter what level your at he makes it fit so it’s a challenge.

    I’m not going to call any shops out or videos. All I will say is if you are taking your bow in to get tuned I would ask if they are certified through Fulcrum and if not I would find someone who is. Working on them is not everyone's game but if you spend a few grand on archery equipment then ensuring it shoots to the best of its ability is everyone’s goal. This cannot be accomplished without the proper knowledge, training and skill set which is all learned at Fulcrum. Best thing I’ve done and I found my love for working on bows runs deeper then I thought I could have stayed and kept on tuning different bows!

    Also they give you a contact to be able to reach out in the future! Thanks for an awesome class and I’m full steam on opening my own shop I can’t wait!

    Wade Ross

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