Fulcrum's Technical University Continues To Shine

Oct 12th 2018

Fulcrum Archery

Fulcrum's Technical University Continues To Shine

This past weekend we congratulated our 13th class of their Fulcrum commencement. Fulcrum's Technical University has continued to grow and evolve in to a state of the art training program. With a wait list 6 months in to next year, clients are eager to learn the tricks of the trade. 

We're expanded our curriculum over previous years by adding 30-40% more hands on exercises. The duration of the class has also seen a slight increase in order to accommodate the extra material.

Perhaps one of the more recent popular developments is the ability now to tune in to our live video stream. At a reduced price, clients may opt to join us remotely either in spectator mode or by following us along at home utilizing equipment already purchased.

Finally, in order to maintain the integrity of the Fulcrum Certification, both a hands on test and written test is administered at the end of the class for those wishing to be certified.